Thursday, April 19, 2012

Introducing the AppLift SDK - Boost your Android app revenue

We recently launched AppLift, a Monetization SDK for Android apps provided by AppBrain.

The AppLift SDK provides a number of unique benefits for Android App developers, as it allows you to monetize your Android apps effectively in a user-friendly way.

With AppLift you can show users an interstitial ad, from which users can click through to an offer wall and download free apps to their device.

Here is an example of what this looks like:

Every app install from the offerwall will generate revenue for you. This monetization solution generates higher revenue per user than e. g. banner ads, and doesn’t get in the way of the user.

In our own “Swiss Codemonkeys” apps, which have been downloaded millions of times, AppLift outperforms any other network we’ve ever tried. This performance has been confirmed by many developers who tell us about their increase in revenues after integrating the AppLift interstitial.

The integration of the AppLift SDK is very simple and can be done within minutes. For details please see the AppLift SDK documentation.

We are looking forward to continuing to help app developers become more successful with AppBrain.

Uwe Maurer for the AppBrain team.
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