Thursday, October 21, 2010

A deeper insight into hot Android Apps

One of the most popular features of AppBrain is the continuously refreshing list of Hot Android Apps. This list is based on how much interest there is in Android apps on AppBrain, and it is determined by how often the app is viewed and installed.

Usually the apps on the Hot list are pretty logical, such as today the brand new Youtube app and the Winamp app. On other days apps on the list are sometimes a bit surprising, and we thought it would be cool to be able to see what makes an app hot.

We recently launched a feature feature that does exactly that: all app pages now show the most popular sites from which people are coming to the AppBrain page about an app. This not only provides some explanation why an app is hot, but it also provides easy access to great additional information about an app. In the case of the screenshot above, that's a reddit thread about the Winamp app, and a review on Androinica.

In other news, we also released a new version of our AppBrain Android app, which adds an optional notification (via preferences) in the top bar that gives you quick access to your last started apps, so that you can quickly uninstall, create a shortcut, or share your last used apps with a friend.

Happy app browsing,

Software Engineer, AppBrain