Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Target specific users with AppBrain's CPI boosts

Do you ever wish you could target your CPI campaigns more precisely at users who will engage with your app? Or that you can get impressions specifically for users who are more likely to make in-app payments, for instance users on tablets?

This is now possible with AppBrain’s CPI boost rules. CPI boost rules let you change the CPI bid of your AppBrain Promote campaign for specific users, and put your money exactly where it matters most to you.

How do the CPI boost rules work?

You can increase or decrease the CPI (cost per install) bid in your campaign settings for specific types of users. This increase or decrease applies to your original bid for each country in the selected campaign.

For instance: If you bid $1 for an install of your app, a CPI boost of 25% will result in a bid of $1.25 for the defined types of users. A CPI decrease of -50% would result in a CPI bid of $0.50.

There are four different types of users for which you can increase or decrease your CPI bid:
  1. Users of an app type
    A rule of this type applies to users using either an app or game when they see your promotion campaign.
  2. Users of apps within an app category
    A rule of this type applies to users who are using an app in a particular Google Play category when they see your promotion campaign.
  3. Device age
    This rule applies to users whose device has a certain age (<1, <3, <6 and >6 months), based on the earliest installed app on the device.
  4. Device type
    This rule applies to users of a particular category of device (small screen phone, phone, tablet).
We may add more types of rules in the future. Do you have suggestions for which types of users you want to target? Let us know!

More details about how the CPI boosts work and how to set them up can be found on the CPI boost documentation page.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Automatic server-side mediation for AppBrain Monetize interstitials

AppBrain Monetize is a great way to earn money with your Android app by offering your users free apps to install. We’re rolling out server-side mediation, which increases the monetization potential of the AppBrain SDK.

We identified that not all users are a good fit for our app-install ads (also called cost-per-install (CPI) ads). For instance, some users don’t have enough free space on their phones for another app, have a weak internet connection which can’t download a big APK in a short time, or happen to be in a country for which we temporarily don’t have many CPI campaigns running.
This is why we’ve started partnering with a number of display ad networks and video ad networks to show display and video ads when those make more sense than CPI ads. The system operates fully server-side, which means that there’s no setup required from you.

The system works like this:
A user uses your app and your app calls showInterstitial or InterstitialBuilder.show(). Our server receives the request for showing an interstitial. The new server-side mediation system calculates what you would earn from an impression of the AppBrain app wall, and what you would earn from ads by our various display ad and video ad partners. The AppBrain server then picks the highest earning ad for you and returns that to the user.

We’re starting to roll out this feature for all traffic in the coming weeks. If your app has a recent version of the AppBrain SDK and you’re using interstitials, you will profit from the new ad types.

Ad type settings in the AppBrain dashboard
If you don’t want display ads or video ads to show in your app, you can disable them in the “Ad Settings” tab for your app in the “Publisher Apps” part of our dashboard. You can also see how much of your earnings are coming in through the alternative ads there.

Visit the info page if you want to learn more about AppBrain Monetize. If you've already integrated the SDK and want to show more interstitials now, check out the interstitial documentation

Friday, May 19, 2017

Google Play policy update - incentivized installs forbidden

Google has released an updated version of the Google Play policy. The most impactful change is that incentivized installs are now forbidden:
Source: https://play.google.com/about/storelisting-promotional/ratings-reviews-installs/, emphasis ours

If you're still promoting your app with incentivized installs, now is the time to stop and look at non-incentivized installs. AppBrain Promote is one of the many platforms that you can use.

This change, and others, don't impact the AppBrain SDK. The AppBrain monetize service is still 100% Google Play compliant.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Cheaper app promotion in many countries

Promoting your app at AppBrain has become cheaper for many countries in the world. It is time to set up your new campaign!

Today, we have adjusted the minimum CPI bid prices for over 150 countries around the world.

For 144 countries the minimum CPI bid has gone down. For many of these countries we found that $0.20 per install was not competitive and therefore we lowered the price to $0.15 or $0.10. This means that for the same budget you can now get up to twice the amount of installs in countries like India, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Ecuador, Algeria, Venezuela and Iraq. This is a great way to boost your organic Google Play ranking worldwide.

For 10 popular markets in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, we had to raise the minimum CPI bid. The existing lower minimum bids gave the impression that you could get many installs cheaply. It often resulted in a disappointingly low amount of impressions and installs because competing bids were a lot higher.

Please be aware that for campaigns that are already running, we will raise the bids for these 10 countries automatically. All other bids remain as before in your campaign. Our bidding system will always charge you the best possible price for these countries, even if you bid higher. You will notice that for many countries the installs will be more towards the minimum price instead of your existing higher bid. You can still change these bids in your AppBrain Dashboard if you like.

Be aware that the minimum price is often not the average CPI bid price. For some countries you have to bid higher to get a good volume of impressions and installs. Check the full overview of all the current average CPI bids per country.

In the coming months we will continue to evaluate the minimum CPI bids to make sure you get the best value for money when you promote your app.
Get more installs by promoting your app now

Monday, April 10, 2017

New install tracking and attribution options

Getting the right value out of app promotion campaigns is hard! External attribution platforms can help, as they provide you with deep insights about the value of the users you’re acquiring. As an AppBrain Promote user you can now also use this powerful technique, as we integrated the most used platforms into AppBrain Promote. Specifically, you can now use Adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar and Kochava to track installs of your campaign.

Are you not using any of these platforms, but want to use something different? No problem!
You can use the “AppBrain (with clickthrough URL)” option. Any clickthrough URL that ends up at the Google Play detail page of your app can be used.

This new feature is available on the campaign dashboard under the “Advanced” link. Here you can choose your install attribution option. Please be aware that you first have to integrate the SDK of the external partners, otherwise it is not possible to track the installs and your campaign will stop.

You can read more on the install attribution resource page. Or just dive straight into your campaign in your AppBrain Dashboard to add your preferred tracking option.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Run multiple campaigns to promote the same app

Super simple campaign setup has always been a key focus of AppBrain promote. However, we may have overreached a bit by tightly coupling an app promotion to a single campaign that contains all settings. This limited the flexibility of your reporting and setting of budgets.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." [Albert Einstein]

It is now possible to start more than one campaign for the same app. This greatly enhances the flexibility of your campaign setup. Depending on your goals, there are many possible ways to take advantage of this. To name a few examples: you can build individual campaigns for various regions you’re interested in to get easier reporting on the campaign overview screen. This will also allow more fine-grained budgeting options than was possible with a single campaign. Or you can use different campaigns to test the impact of different CPI bids, different titles.

The results of these different campaigns can be easily compared in your campaign reports. This gives you more insight on how to improve your conversion by changing your campaign settings.

You can create new campaigns in your Campaigns dashboard. To make your life easier we have added the feature to “import settings” from previous campaigns to each campaign. In that way you can set up multiple campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Go to your AppBrain Dashboard to start creating multiple campaigns.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New minimum CPI bids for app promotion

Advertising your Android app on the AppBrain ad network is one of the best ways to get more users. You only pay for actual installs, you can set up your campaign in less than 5 minutes, and you receive realtime feedback.
The minimum price for an install has always been $ 0.20 since we launched the AppBrain ad network over 5 years ago. The actual install price is frequently quite a bit higher, as is visible on our daily updating CPI per country page. For instance, campaigns in most English speaking countries rarely generate installs for under $ 1.00.

We noticed that many new advertisers still try to advertise apps at $ 0.20, even in countries where this will lead to no impressions. We will start enforcing higher minimum CPI bids for relevant countries on September 14th. This will get campaigns running faster and reduce disappointment. We’ve divided countries into 3 tiers. The table shows what the new price is per tier and which countries this applies to.

Tier 1United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia,
Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland,
Taiwan, Japan, South Korea
Minimum bid: $0.80
Tier 2Austria, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia, South AfricaMinimum bid: $0.50
Tier 3All other countriesMinimum bid: $0.20
Note: these are the minimum bids. Competitive bid prices will still be higher in many countries. If your app has a large download size, you will have to bid higher to compensate for the reduced conversion rate of large apps.

This change will take effect on Wednesday September 14th. If you have campaigns running at prices below the new minimum, you have a few options. In the campaign settings you can either increase the bid or turn the campaign off in the countries where you don’t want it to run anymore. After 1 week, on September 21st, our system will automatically apply the new minimum prices. You will receive an email about which campaigns are affected.

Happy advertising!

The AppBrain team